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December 27, 2022

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We thank all the applicants that have participated in our 2022 grant cycle. We received globally inspiring and provocative submissions. While we had wished to be in a position to grant to all the submissions we received, we are mandated to stay true to our Mission and objectives.

Without further ado, we are excited to announce below Hacker Initiative’s 2022 Grant Recipients. Please join us in congratulating them and wishing them success!

  • Mycelium Open Source Smart Trash Can
  • OpenQuantum
  • George Hendrickson’s Research Team: Network Vulnerabilities in Embedded Devices and Classroom Forensics Lab Development
  • STEM Club Ohio Fairfield Compass Elementary

Learn more about the 2022 Hacker Initiative grant recipients and their projects here:

2022 Grant Recipients

Congratulations 2022 Hacker Initiative grant recipients!

Hacker Initiative

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Programming Committee

Hacker Initiative is an IRS 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt PUBLIC nonprofit charity. Our mission is to support and grow the collective knowledge and contributions of the worldwide hacker community. We support hackers of all types, wherever you are in the world, regardless of experience, whether that’s the passionate beginner or the lifelong hacker wishing to make a broader contribution to the hacker community and the world.

About This Public Nonprofit

This public nonprofit is formed to give back to and strengthen the hacking community. The founder, Bill Pollock, through his donation of $1.3 million to date, and No Starch Press Inc. have been closely involved with the global hacking community since 1999.

We are growing through the generous support of our global communities, individuals, and corporate donors. Ongoing funding is used to continue to strengthen and expand our global hacking communities. We endeavor to educate the public about “hacking,” and work to create safe and central places for the elite engineering community.

Planned Activities

The Hacker Initiative is built to provide global support to those with a hacking mindset who have yet to find a supportive community of hackers.
The Hacker Initiative will:
  • Offer financial support to STEM initiatives such as robotics clubs and research projects, and to promising software or product development projects conducted by public charity nonprofit corporations.
  • Support contests, educational, and cool tech development programs and will work to connect hackers with recognized leaders and experts who can help them to further their knowledge and interests.
  • Sponsor educational presentations and resources geared towards technical people learning about hacking and to help introduce the public to the hacking community.
  • Support for hackers of all ages. Offer financial support to allow hackers to pursue their creative, hacking-oriented goals.
Support for STEM Initiatives
One of the Hacker Initiative’s goals is to build the hacker community by supporting STEM education initiatives.

Educational Presentations and Resources

The Hacker Initiative will sponsor presentations, talks, and other learning resources at hackerspaces and maker spaces. The Hacker Initiative will work to help self-taught hackers land their first real tech jobs, develop a career, and establish themselves in the hacking community.

Support for Contests and Other Programs

The Hacker Initiative will support contests that challenge hackers to solve many of the world’s problems, particularly programs and contests that encourage research, development, and involvement of all education levels whether matriculated or not.

Support for Hackers of All Ages

Support for hackers will include financial support to help them pursue their creative and innovative projects and the initiatives of other public nonprofits who share our vision.

The Hacker Initiative will support these activities through donations from the general public, generous individuals, corporate grants, and funding from other public charities. The Hacker Initiative has already generated substantial interest from a number of prominent individuals in the hacking community who wish to donate, volunteer on the Board, and help support its mission.