The Application Process

Before applying, please note:

  • Hacker Initiative will notify grant recipients no later than October 3, 2024. Grant decisions will also be announced via our website.
  • Please note that applications will only remain pending in our system for the duration of a single grant cycle.
  • If your application is not selected, we encourage you to apply again in future cycles!
  • We will award up to USD $100,000 in grants in 2024 of from USD $1,000 to $10,000 each. Awarded grants may be for less than the amount requested.

We have a three step process:

  • Step One: Review the Hacker Initiative Grant Guidelines.
    Please read Our Grant Guidelines below before applying to see if you meet our basic criteria for receiving a grant.
  • Step Two: Read the Hacker Initiative Application FAQ.
    Please read the HI Application FAQ before applying so you are fully informed of the HI process.
  • Step Three – Submit Application Form
    Individuals, Groups, or Organizations who are interested should submit an application using the form below. Applications must be in English. It is the applicant’s obligation to translate language, verbal or Braille, into written English.

Please direct any questions or concerns to

NOTE: We will be unable to respond to your questions about grant status. If you need to edit your grant request you should find a link to do so when you receive a confirmation email.

Our Grant Guidelines


The purpose of the Hacker Initiative Grant Program is to strengthen and enrich the hacker community through small monetary grants. The following are examples of ways such grants can be used:

  • Independent STEM education Initiatives such as homebrew hacking or robotics clubs, student led research projects, and other similar activities not otherwise supported by school or institutional grants.
  • Contests, Scholarships and other Educational Programs that promote student education about information security, computers and the hacker community.
  • Community events and presentations that focus on connecting students, hacker groups, and other interested parties, with recognized Industry leaders.

Hacker Initiative is open to receiving applications that fall outside of the themes listed above, provided the proposed project is consistent with the spirit of the Hacker Initiative and is designed to promote computer science education and the advancement of STEM knowledge.

Eligibility Considerations and Exclusions

Eligibility and Considerations

  • Eligible applicants include but are not limited to students, student groups, independent security and privacy researchers, small organizations, and individuals.
  • Hacker Initiative gives preference to projects run on small budgets and those less likely to receive corporate, institutional, or government funding.
  • If you have questions about our grant process please write to us at


  • Members of the Hacker Initiative Board, Programming, Fundraising, Advisory, and other committees are ineligible for consideration.
  • Hacker Initiative does not consider funding requests for:
    • Activities that are not consistent with the Hacker Initiative mission.
    • Animal related programs, including shelters
    • Athletic teams, events, booster clubs, or sponsorships
    • Awards, monuments and/or memorials
    • Capital campaigns, building projects
    • Deficit funding
    • Development or production of books, films, videos, television programs, social media, or websites
    • Endowments or reserve funds
    • Fundraising events
    • General awareness campaigns/advocacy
    • Government agencies
    • Individual crowdfunding, GoFundMe pages, or similar
    • Individual primary and secondary schools, PTOs, and PTAs
    • Loans or investments
    • Merchandise for fundraisers and auctions
    • Merchandise promotions, partnerships, or advertising
    • Parties, celebrations, parades, festivals, or raffles or related expenses
    • Political or religious symposiums, conferences, or conventions
    • Political organizations
    • Private Hacker Initiatives
    • Professional association meetings or related expenses
    • Religious organizations for religious purposes
    • Research studies outside the scope of our Mission
    • Salaries or staff training
    • School tuition

Grant funds may not be used to promote or engage in criminal acts of violence, terrorism, hate crimes, the destruction of any state, or discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, religion, military and veteran status, disability, sex, age, gender identity or sexual orientation, or support of any entity that engages in these activities.