1. Grant funds must be used in accordance with your Project and the budget included with your Project.

  2. You, as Grant Recipient, represent and warrant that the Approved Grant will only be used for the Project and as expressly permitted by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and other applicable government agencies relating to grants from PUBLIC NONPROFIT charities; expressly no amounts of the Approved Grant whatsoever will be used for religious purposes, political, lobbying, or for any aid in the election of any public official, directly or indirectly, whatsoever.

  3. You will promptly furnish to HI any information concerning any change in the Project or a change in your tax exempt status if you are a tax exempt entity at the time you applied for this Grant.

  4. If any portion of the Approved Grant is not used for the specific purposes described in your Project, HI reserves the right to have all of the Approved Grant or any remaining of the Approved Grant to be immediately returned to HI. You further hereby agree to promptly notify HI of any of the foregoing changes no later than SEVEN (7) business days of such change.

  5. You agree to abide by HI’s policies including without limitations HI’s non discrimination policies. For your reference HI’s policies can be found on the nonprofit’s website: https://hackerinitiative.org/grant-guidelines/

  6. You must provide no less than TWO (2) written reports, an interim progress report, and a final close out report, within one (1) year, describing conclusions, progress, and/or the status of the Project, impact (to whom and what); including how the Approved Grant was expended to support your project objectives and the agreed to deliverables you made to HI. A template is provided as guidance and reference and attached to this letter for your use.

  7. All reports must include names and contact information of persons responsible for the Project, financial statements detailing use of the Approved Grant, photos, video, social media links, public references, and relevant documentation including any white papers or conference presentations related to the Project.

  8. The Project shall give prominent attribution that HI provided support to the Project, and in a good light, wherever possible, including without limitations on such Project banner, materials, and Website. Any use of HI’s name and logo shall adhere to HI’s specific requirements and prior written approval by HI. A digital copy of name and logo for such use will be provided upon request by the Project to HI.

  9. You acknowledge that the Approved Grant shall be paid in TWO (2) installments at 50% per each installment: 50% upon receipt of this signed Award Letter by you, and 50%, the balance of the Approved Grant, upon receipt of the Interim Report or Final Report (if the conclusion of the Project is less than 120 Days from the date of execution by you of this Award Letter).

  10. You grant to HI a global, non exclusive and limited license to use the Project information, photos, videos, or sample of the Project for HI’s marketing efforts to promote the work of HI.


As you know HI is a public nonprofit exempt from U.S. Federal tax regulations under section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code. With this status the IRS requires HI to report back and manage how grants awarded are made, how funds are spent and by whom. As a condition of receiving this award, we ask that you assist HI in this Federal compliance in the form of a Grant Report. All references to “Approved Grant” mean the funds distributed to you as Grantee for the application of the “Project” you submitted to which HI issued your “Award Letter”.

Below are suggestions for what we will need and what your report(s) should contain. (Your report should contain other documents, photos, videos, samples of your Project.)

There are TWO (2) forms: One is a MANDATORY Interim Report, required if your Project as described in your grant application will take over 120 days time to complete. The second is the Close Out Report, which shows how you as Grantee used the Approved Grant, together with specific details related to your completed Project including financial statements, documentation, photos, videos, publications, and if appropriate finished samples. All grant recipients must complete a Close Out Report.

Hacker Initiative Interim Report

1. Project Activities

  • Describe clearly and in detail each type of activity used by the Approved Grant. Show specifically how these activities furthered your Project’s goals.

  • Describe in detail how your Project could have been improved whether for success of your Project or impact to the Beneficiaries of your project.

  • Describe specifically how the Approved Grant supported your Project, beyond saying simply that you as Grantee received the grant award. For example, if the Approved Grant was part of other grants your Project received, which part did the Approved Grant support.

  • If you collaborated with other groups, organizations, or individuals, please provide their full legal name, contact information, and a brief description of who they are.

  • ALL reports must include documentation, photos, videos, and if relevant, samples of the Project.

2. Results and Impact

Please be specific.

  • Describe in detail how you measured the success or failure of your Project.

  • Describe the impact to the “Beneficiaries” of your Project: Person(s), communities, or other projects served by the completion of your Project.

  • Describe specifically and in detail how your Project made this impact to your Beneficiaries.

  • Describe the methodology you used to assess this impact, and provide qualitative and quantitative data addressing key outcomes, metrics, and other relevant data, with supporting documentation.

  • Describe your Project’s interim lessons learned and the measures the Project will take to improve its goals, actions taken to correct mistakes, and any other such activities that will be taken to ensure the Project’s success.

  • Describe the milestones necessary for your Project’s completion.

Your report(s) aids HI in awarding future grants to your Project and to the design of future HI programs. Your report(s) further supports HI in its efforts to demonstrate to its donors that their donations in the form of your Grant are used well and properly to support our Mission.

Once again, ALL reports must include documentation, photos, videos, publications, and if relevant, samples of the Project.

3. Financial Statements

A copy of your balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and accounting statements all signed by the contact person that signed the Award Letter of the Approved Grant; or, where no formal entity is formed, a budget statement(s) signed by the contact person that signed the Award Letter of the Approved Grant, including photocopies of ALL receipts over $20.00 USD.

4. Report any use of the Approved Grant for activities outside the scope of the Project, and by whom and for what purpose. Please note that any use of the Approved Grant for activities or purposes outside the Project must have HI’s express prior written consent.

We at Hacker Initiative are delighted to have been part of your Project and we look forward to reading your report!

Hacker Initiative Grant Project Close Out Checklist

Please use the following as a guide when preparing your Project Close Out Report and Checklist.

The Project Close Out Report follows the same guidelines as the Interim Report except that IN ADDITION it must include all of the following:

I. Updated and current financial Statements or Project budget signed by the contact person that signed the Award Letter.

a. Reason for any unexpended funds;

b. Reason, if any, why the Project budget was overspent in any categories; and

c. A description of any use of the Grant Award outside the scope of the Project and the reasons justifying such use.

II. Final inventory checklist: Please provide a detailed inventory as to equipment or any assets purchased or acquired with the Approved Grant, and where such equipment or assets are located after the Project’s completion. If this inventory is distributed or gifted following project completion please list the recipients, including the full legal name of all such person(s) or entities.

III. Certification statement signed by the contact person that signed the Award Letter affirming that this Project final report was duly prepared by the appropriate financial officer, treasurer, or the Project’s key manager or responsible person. If your Project is part of a nonprofit, include certification that such nonprofit’s chief financial officer, treasurer, or other such Certification was approved by such board of directors/trustees or such entity’s third party auditor if such nonprofit has over $3,000,000 USD in assets.

IV. Delivery of the following to HI: (i) true and complete copy of such Item III above, Certification statement; (ii) final Project Close Out Report, with attachments; and (iii) if applicable, a copy of filings made to ANY government agency wherever located, including State or Federal filings that your Project notes the Approved Grant, attention: admin@hackerinitiative.org.

V. Retain a copy of your Grant applications, Award Letter, and all Project Reports including attachments for your Project’s record keeping.